Customer Reviews

To help you choose your translator, I’d like to let some of my customers speak…

“The German translation was the best example of a transcreation I have seen so far. The translator did exactly what we would like to see. The formulations were sufficiently detached from the English and conveyed the exact right tone. [..] I reviewed those 5.000 words in two hours, which is fantastic.” – Proofreader of an international translation agency

“Herzlichen Dank! Schnell, puenktlich und genau…wie immer halt.” – Project manager of a US translation agency

“Over the last year, Simone has delivered high quality translations, on time. Her eye for detail has proved a real asset. We unreservedly recommend her.” – Owner of a small translation agency

“Das ist wirklich super ins Deutsche übertragen (übersetzt kann man das schon nicht mehr nennen) und sehr sorgfältig geschrieben. Auch wenn es ein sehr dröges Thema ist, hat es Spaß gemacht, das Manuskript zu lesen.” – Proofreader for one of my book translation projects

“Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit Ihrer Arbeit. Der Schreibstil gefällt mir wirklich sehr gut. Auch die Übersetzung der Fachbegriffe passt.” – Translation buyer at a German provider of information security solutions

“Simone did a great job – she matched the tone of our materials, she delivered very quickly, and she gave detailed advice on such things as Google ads and naming for our website. Wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again!” – Owner of a website for pet products

“Simone’s work was excellent. She kept a quick pace; each time I emailed she would get back to me within hours with the work requested. I had asked for a basic translation, in addition to sending the translation back, she also sent back carefully marked up PDF’s, with notes showing how the translation mapped to the sections of the document. Very thorough conscientious and helpful.” – Private client who needed a translation of documents related to a traffic accident

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