Editing / LQA (German)

When you already have texts in German and just need them to be proofread or edited, I’ll take a look at grammar, spelling, and formatting. If desired, I will also apply any necessary stylistic changes. Similar to translation projects, such editing and localization quality assurance (LQA) tasks require you to submit important information in advance to avoid delays, including:

  • subject matter and scope (in words or pages),
  • deadline / desired delivery date,
  • type of necessary corrections (language / style / content),
  • file type and any necessary formatting steps (if applicable).

If you’d like me to follow specific terminology rules, or if your company has some stylistic preferences, please also provide the respective glossary or style guide before I check your texts.

Normally, I will apply my corrections directly in your files (with “Track Changes” enabled in Word if you wish). In case of write-protected PDFs or similar non-editable files, I will add my notes and changes in the margins or in comment fields. Should you send me printed documents, I will use official proofreader’s marks. Please, provide sufficient margins and line-spacings for this purpose.

Editing and LQA tasks are usually charged by the hour, and the total price depends on the deadline and scope. My standard rate is €50/hr. If a text doesn’t require many changes, an hour might easily allow for 1,500 to 2,000 words to be proofread. A rather poorly written text, however, might make it difficult to check more than 500 words per hour. Of course, I’ll provide you with an estimation of the total costs to be expected, and your texts will be handled with the necessary confidentiality.