Previous Projects & Samples

The following list is an excerpt of my previous projects to give you a general idea of the type of texts you can confidently submit to me for translation:

  • Book translations: Machine Learning by E. Alpaydin (Oldenbourg Verlag) as well as Machine Learning for Dummies by J.P. Mueller & L. Massaron, TensorFlow for Dummies by M. Scarpino, Deep Learning for Dummies by J.P. Mueller & L. Massaron, Microsoft Teams for Dummies by R. Withee, Zoom for Dummies by P. Simon, Go Programming Language For Dummies by W.-M. Lee, and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Study Guide by B. Piper & D. Clinton (Wiley-VCH Verlag)
  • 25,000 words, IT: white paper, topic: virtualization
  • 22,000 words, IT: several chapters of a textbook about corporate privacy management
  • 40,000 words, IT: guide for administrators
  • 9,000 words, IT: Skype for Business user guide
  • 14,000 words, marketing: e-book, topic: CRM
  • 10,000 words, marketing: ad agency website
  • 8,000 words, insurance: risk management brochure
  • 240,000 words, editing/proofreading: checking the full website of a data storage solutions provider
  • Script translation for TV documentaries: various formats (Biography Channel, History Channel)

And if you’d like to get a first impression of my style, you can do so by browsing the following sample translations from different fields: